I’m Peter Backman.

I fight for the users.

Find Out How

What Puts Butter On My Bread

I live to craft compelling brand stories through shiny, spring-loaded, super-charged and research-hardened user experiences that are shot from a strategy-aligned catapult fabricated from sheer awesomeness aimed right at the faces of unsuspecting humans — resulting in collisions that produce delightfully surprised squeals of joy.

I like to frolic hard and work harder in places where the rules are made up as you go along or are broken enthusiastically at every turn by agile teams of whip-smart troublemakers.

I crave projects that are as varied as they are challenging, coming in rapid-fire succession or at a smooth, steady cadence. I'm as comfortable flying solo as I am leading teams as long as I get to keep my hands busy and dirty buried deep in the work.

I am a UX Jack in the Box armed with a black bag chock full of creative and strategy Kung Fu. All I require is a firm willing to wind my spring and watch me go.

How I Earn Bread For My Butter

As Sr. Experience Design Architect for HP Helion, I am part of the core team working to bring a unified, modern, intuitive and user-validated UX architecture and design to the suite of products in the HP Helion cloud business unit, including: HP Helion OpenStack, HP Helion CloudSystem and others.